To keep your vanity looking newregularly clean your vanity top with a mild soap and warm water.  Avoid; hot pots, pans and plates of food.  Never stand or sit on the vanity top as it may cause cracks due to heavy weight.  Wipe any spills immediately Substances such as hair dye, makeup, liquid hand soap, coffee, red wine and oil can stain your vanity top if left sitting for too long. 


Not all stone needs to be sealed, but generally it benefits from a sealing product. Typically, a resin treatment is applied to the stone at time of manufacture. We recommend that you apply a stone sealer after the top is installed, and then periodically apply sealant after that. Sealing is important for preserving the finish and will not alter the appearance of the stone. 


Wipe down vanity top daily with a mild soap and warm water with a soft cloth. Avoid using sponges and Vinger or any other cleaning substances that contain ammonia or other harsh chemicals.  Tops should be resealed every three to six months to prevent staining.  For food stains or rust create a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.  Apply and let dry before wiping it away. Repeat as needed. To remove scratches and etches use a marble polishing powder. Follow the instructions and reseal after polishing 


For daily cleaning you can use a glass cleaner or any household nonabrasive cleanersVery little things stain quartz with one exception of ink so protect the surface from sharpies or another ink products.  Use a plastic putty knife to remove dried nail polish or paint.  


Acrylic tubs are a solid surface meaning the color is the same all the way through making cleaning up any scratches an easy fix. Scratches and dulling can be removed with a liquid polisher such as Gel-Gloss or metal polish. Deep scratches or burns can be removed by use of very fine sandpaper and then finishing with a liquid polish. 

Wood Finishes  

Protecting wood furniture is as simple as a weekly dusting. Only use water on finished wood; unfinished wood should be wiped down with just a dry cloth.